Let us help for war effected children to creat a new more beutiful tomorow!!!

Place: Palesti, Jenin, Jenin Camp.
Al-Tafawk Learning Center world of English project.
This project was established in 2001 to assist the children of Jenin Camp to acquire the necessary skills needed to be literate in the English language. In the six years Al-Tafawk Learning Center has operated classes have grown from a mere handful of children in after school classes, to 52 students currently enrolled. Classes are taught daily after school and include students in the age ranges of 6-16.
These are refugee children that have a little to no support from families , some are orphaned with no family support at all.
These children come to the Al-Tafawk Learning Center after school for home work support and to learn English as a second language better prepared for the word they will soon enter upon adulthood.

I In Center work and learn a very simple and honest people, who just want to create a more beutiful tomorrow for children. Only need a little bit of help, that we change the very future of the children. Perhaps it is your a little gift to give these children a great opportunity to better tomorrow.
  1. About our Learning Center
    About our Learning Center
  2. How You cann help us!
    How You cann help us!
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Learning Center it is a window to better future for children 

Help Learning Center make repair!

Help Learning Center build playing place for youngest children!

Help Learning Center to rent new teaching premises !

In Teaching Center are leaky window through which the wind blows and running out of the rain water. So in the winter cold and wet in premises.So teaching center very need window repair or new window.Also in Teaching Center are leaking roof. This roof need soon repair.
We in Teaching Center need the safe places for youngest children(age 3-6 age old) for play and teaching.
In this time in Teaching Center we not have safe places for this age kind.
In This time the rooms in Al-Tafawk Learning Center are very small and the center cant accept a more student who wish to learn English .
Now we need two more rooms for children teaching.